Travis County Tax Office

Vehicle registration renewal

Options for renewing registration

Renew your registration online

We want you to renew your registration online.

The online system automatically checks your vehicle inspection and insurance, and emails you a paid receipt that allows you to drive for up to 31 days, giving the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles plenty of time to mail your sticker.

Be aware it may take two business days before the Texas Department of Public Safety’s inspection report is loaded into the online system. You can use the online renewal system providing you have not received a citation for expired registration and are not more than six months past your sticker’s expiration date.

Other ways to renew

You may renew by:

  • Mail (include a copy of your Vehicle Inspection Report and insurance card in the envelope).
  • Going to any Travis County H-E-B, Fiesta Mart or AAA stores where they will print your sticker on the spot. Be sure to bring the complete Texas Department of Motor Vehicles renewal notice, Vehicle Inspection Report, insurance card and your checkbook. (If you cannot find your inspection report, print a duplicate from
  • Visiting one of our four tax office locations. Be prepared for a long wait or schedule an appointment (appointments served before walk-ins). Bring your inspection report and proof of insurance.
  • Using a Tax Office-authorized title service company: Fry’s Auto Title, 3005 S. Lamar Blvd. or Auto Title Service of Oak Hill, 5611 West Highway 290 frontage road. State law allows these private companies to add a service fee of up to $10 for registration renewal.

Pay the state registration, inspection and emissions fees

State law requires us to collect these fees when you renew your registration

A sticky situation

So now, you have your new sticker, but how do you get the old one off? Begin by peeling one of the top corners. You are going to take the sticker off at an angle. Once you begin to peel back the corner, apply steady pressure as you continue to peel it off. If the sticker does not come off in one piece or if it left a sticky residue, apply WD-40 to help with removal. Be sure to clean the area with alcohol before applying the new sticker.

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