Travis County Tax Office

About us

 The Travis County Tax Office is responsible for a variety of state, county and city services.


  • Register and title motor vehicles
  • Issue state license plates
  • Issue placards for persons with disabilities
  • Issue alcoholic beverage permits to retailers, manufacturers and distributers
  • Collect property taxes and Justice of the Peace, county and district court costs, fines and fees
  • Register voters and train volunteer deputy registrars

Our commitment to you

We pledge to provide you with accurate information and outstanding customer service while upholding state, county and city laws and policies that govern our business.

More than 100 people move to Travis County each day and that can lead to long lines in our offices, but we promise to give you:

  • Individual attention
  • Respect
  • A smile
  • More online services so you can: “Be Done & Have Fun”

Your feedback

We welcome your feedback. Your ideas and comments help us improve our service, recognize exceptional employees and make changes in policy and procedures.

Please fill out the Customer Service Excellence Survey.

You may also email your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Be sure to tell us:

  • Employee’s name
  • Time and date you visited us
  • The tax office location you visited

Our mission

To provide essential services and resources that support and fund our community.

Our vision

Proudly serving our neighbors - funding our future.

Our operation

We’re not brain surgeons, but we’re a big operation.

Every day we

  • Serve an average of 800 customers in four offices
  • Help 250 customers at our drive-through locations
  • Answer 1,200 customer phone calls
  • Process an average of 595 new voter registration applications

Every year we

  • Collect $5.8 billion in taxes and fees for 153 government entities
  • Collect $1.6 million in court fees and fines
  • Collect $256 million for motor vehicle-related services
  • Register and title over 1 million vehicles
  • Register over 850,000 voters
  • Provide election support for 201 government entities

Bruce Elfant


Tax Assessor-Collector, Voter Registrar


News and press releases

Read Tax Office news releases.

Reports and data

Download and view voter registration, property tax, and vehicle registration data or make a records request.
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