Travis County Tax Office

In Texas, if you use your car, pickup truck or van for your business you pay the same registration fees as those who have these vehicles for personal use. The state does not have a special commercial vehicle registration for these types of vehicles. Please consult the Texas registration fee chart.

Types of commercial registration in Texas


  • If you drive a truck or truck tractor that is more than 10,000 pounds in gross volume weight and use it in combination with a semitrailer that has a gross weight in excess of 6,000 pounds that when added together results in a minimum of 18,000 pounds combined in gross volume weight. You apply for combination registration/renewal and plates at our office.

Token trailer

  • The state requires token trailer license plates on semitrailers used with combination registration. This applies to house-moving dollies, which the state classifies as a semitrailer. However, a company with more than one house-moving dolly is only required to register and title one of the dollies. You apply for token registration and renewal at our office.


  • Any business with more than 25 vehicles that operate intrastate (Texas only) may apply for fleet registration. You have the option of registering your fleet for one to eight years. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles manages fleet registration. For more information, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Big rigs, moving companies, busses, and other transportation vehicles that are in business to move goods and people across state lines must go to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for “apportioned registration,” properly known as the Texas International Registration Plan (TxIRP).


  • Big rigs, moving companies, busses, and other transportation vehicles that are in business to move goods and people within the state of Texas must register as a motor carrier with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.


To register and/or renew your combination and token trailer registration, you will need to bring the following to our office:

  • Vehicle information, such as your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), license plate number, and/or previous vehicle registration receipt
  • Your insurance card /or policy
  • Proof you paid the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Paid (Form 2290)if your vehicle’s gross weight exceeds 55,000 pounds
  • Government-issued, photo identification (such as your driver’s license)
  • Business verification credentials, such as an authorization letter on business letterhead naming you as an employee and your title at the company and/or your business card showing your name and title from the company you represent
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