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Disabled veterans parking placards and plates

Disabled veteran license plates and/or placards are only available for personal vehicles.

If you plan to apply or renew your disabled veteran license plate and/or placard, make an appointment or visit our office. Be sure to carefully review the requirements and bring in all required documentation.

Go to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website for more information.

To apply for a disabled veteran license plate and/or placard, you must fill out and meet the qualifications that are outlined on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles’ Application for Disabled Veteran License Plate and/or Parking Placard (Form VTR-615).

Disabled Veteran License Plate

Qualified disabled veterans are eligible for disabled veteran license plates. However, only disabled veteran license plates and placards with the International Symbol of Access (ISA) are permitted to park in disabled parking spaces.

Click here to see a complete list of available disabled veterans license plates with or without the ISA symbol of access.

Costs and vehicle eligibility

For vehicles less than 18,000 or motor homes more than 18,000 pounds in gross vehicle weight:

The fee for the first set of Disabled Veteran license plates is $3 and there is no cost for vehicle registration. Additional sets available for the annual registration fee and other applicable fees.

All vehicles must be for the veteran’s personal use and:

  • Titled in Texas or issued a Registration Purposes Only (RPO) in the name of the veteran - joint ownership is allowed.
  • If not titled in the veteran’s name, the veteran must have the legal right of possession and control of the vehicle for personal use.
  • If the veteran has a leased vehicle, we will verify the lease agreement.

Disabled veterans parking placards and plates, renewal


Learn more about renewing disabled veterans parking placards and plates.
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