Travis County Tax Office

Delinquent property taxes, payment plans

Pay as much as you can before the deadline. Partial payments made before the Jan. 31 property tax deadline are not charged penalty and interest.

If you are struggling to pay your property taxes, we are here to help. Travis County offers several plans that will allow you to pay your delinquent in monthly payments. You will still have to pay penalties and interest, but having an agreement in writing with our office prevents expensive legal actions such as a lawsuit to foreclose.

Residence homestead installment agreement

If you have a homestead, you may be eligible to pay delinquent taxes in twelve monthly payments and save with lower penalties. You are eligible for an installment agreement if you did not enter into a residence homestead installment agreement in the preceding 24 months.

When you finalize your installment agreement and make the first payment, we freeze the penalty rate and it does not continue to go up each month. Interest begins at 1% and increases 1% each month until the taxes are paid. If you miss a payment, the penalty is no longer frozen and we recalculate the taxes as if you never entered into an installment agreement.

Payment schedule

If you do not qualify for the residence homestead installment agreement, you may be eligible for a payment schedule that allows you to make monthly payments over 6 months, if the property does not have homestead exemption, or 12 months, if the property does have a homestead exemption.

You are eligible for a payment schedule if you are in good standing on any other accounts showing current or delinquent taxes due.


Learn how you can apply for installments.
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