Travis County Voter Search


Visit to confirm your voter registration status, see what's on the ballot, and find a convenient polling location upcoming elections.

Statewide Voter Search

Visit the Texas Secretary of State Voter Information Search to locate registered voters in other Texas counties.

Visit Reports & Data for information on voter statistics.

Why does my voter registration record appear online?

Voter registration records are public information and are available in person, by phone, and online. Identification information such as driver's license and social security numbers are not public information and are redacted from the records.

How can I remove my voter registration record from the website?

Submit the Request for Voter Record Web Suppression form. Any voter who wishes to have their information removed is eligible to request web suppression.

How can I remove my voter registration record from all public records?

Submit the Request for Peace Officer Confidentiality form. The list containing who qualifies for record removal is included on the form.

Is there a way to search voter registration records without the voter's date of birth?

Voter registration records can be searched without a date of birth by using our public information terminals located in our main office at 5501 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751, or online using the Voter Verification system.