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2016 Mock Presidential Election


Sponsored by Travis County Tax Office; Travis County Clerk Office; and the League of Women Voters of Austin.

With your help, primary and secondary school students throughout Travis County will pick the next President of the United States! This Mock Presidential Election is being held before the real Presidential Election in November so that students can see how their selection holds up against the real election results in November. These students will be the “first” to decide and we expect plenty of media coverage. But this is far from a publicity stunt. This Mock Presidential Election is a hands-on learning process.

Before the election, students will register to be voters, receive faux voter registration cards, become members of the electoral college, be reporters covering the story, receive “I Voted” stickers and more. Due to Voter ID, students will be instructed they must bring their voter registration card to the polls to vote. Working together we can excite students about the civic process and energize them to look forward to the day they can really vote!

The Austin Independent School District has graciously volunteered to collect the results from all schools participating in the Mock Presidential Election. Each participating school will submit their results to AISD’s Central Counting Center, which will be operated by the school district, the University of Texas’ Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life and the Travis County Tax Office’s Voter Registration Division.

The First Vote! team can help guide your school faculty in how to set up and execute the Mock Presidential Election. Questions? Send them to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2016 Mock Election Results

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Here are some important resources to help you with the Mock Presidential Election: