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Justice of the Peace Payment Plan Application

Court Fees are the costs of processing a case in court from the time a case is opened until a disposition is handed down or disposed. Fines are considered punitive or punishment. Court fees and fines are mandated by the State of Texas and become due upon sentencing.

Failure to pay fine and court costs as agreed may result in additional fees, denial of driver’s license renewal, and jail time, should the court so order.

Acceptable forms of payment: personal check, cashier’s check, money order, American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa. Convenience fees for electronic processing are $3 and 3% for payments over $100. Automatic bill payments may be set up through your bank or credit union.

  • Defendants are required to report to the collections office to pay in full or request payments
  • Applications are necessary to determine a payment amount that both the defendant and the court representative can agree to
  • Contacts, references, and financial information is verified and documented to the court history
  • Should you miss a payment, it is very important that we have a current phone number to contact you. Please list references and keep them up to date with the collection’s office
  • Interviews may take place in person or by telephone. During the interview, terms for payment will be established. 

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