Travis County Tax Office

I paid fees and received a permit from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Why are you sending me a bill?


Liquor licenses require paying state and local fees. Your bill is for the fees owed to Travis County and/or the City of Austin (if your business is within the city limits).

How do I know what local governments I owe fees to?


Look your business up on the City of Austin Jurisdictions Web Map. We only collect for physical locations that are in either Travis County or Austin Full Purpose or both. We do not collect for any other designation for Austin other than ‘Full Purpose’. 

I’m no longer in business so why am I still being billed?


You need to contact the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). You need to ask the TABC if they are listing your business status as “suspended” or “canceled.” If you are listed as “suspended” you will receive a bill. Contact TABC to make sure they change your business status to “canceled” to stop receiving billing notices.

I received a notice from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission about owing “ad valorem” taxes. What is this about?


The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) suspended your license due to unpaid property taxes. Your license will remain suspended until you pay your delinquent taxes. You can look up your account using the Account Search.

Can I pay my Travis County and City of Austin TABC permit fees online?


Not at this time, please check back periodically to see if online payment has been added as a payment feature.

If permits are always for two years then why am I billed every year for my liquor license?


To help make it more affordable for businesses, the Tax Office splits the cost of the two year permit so you can pay it annually.
Note: You owe the entire permit fee even if you close your business.

Are all permit fees due in the first year?


Yes, unless it is one of the following types of permits on this table showing timing and fees. More information regarding license types and fees on the TABC fee table.

If I don’t receive a bill are fees still due?


Yes, your original license date determines when your bill is due. Even if no bill is received, failure to remit payment in a timely manner may result in revocation of the permit by TABC.

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