Travis County Tax Office

Travis County tax bills sent to property owners, tax assessor-collector urges owners to pay online

Travis County property tax bills are in the mail and owners are being asked to pay their bills online at

“When you pay online we email you a paid receipt and your tax account will reflect the payment immediately,” noted Bruce Elfant, the county tax assessor-collector. “This is the best way to ensure your property tax bill is paid in a timely manner.”

The county mailed more than 280,000 tax bills that must be paid on or before Jan. 31, 2018. Property owners are responsible for paying their taxes on time – even if for some reason they did not receive their bill. State law requires penalty and interest charges be added to late bill payments beginning Feb. 1, 2018.

Property owners can pay online with an eCheck for only $1 or by credit card (there is a 3 percent fee). Property owners also can pay by sending a check in the mail, but Elfant cautioned that they will not automatically receive a receipt for payment, or by dropping their payment off during normal business hours at any of the tax office’s five county locations.

Property owners who cannot pay in full and want to set up a payment plan can review their payment options and apply online at Owners with a senior, disabled or disabled veteran homestead exemption can sign up to pay taxes in four installments without penalty and interest charges.

If you have not received your tax bill and/or want to see when your tax bill payment is posted to your account, go to to search for your account.

If you are one of the county’s 132,000 homeowners who escrow through a mortgage company or lending institution, your mortgage company probably requested the bill in order to pay your taxes, but you might want to check with the mortgage company to be sure.

Elfant encourages all property owners to also sign up to receive an eBill in 2018. “The beauty of eBill is no matter where you are – on vacation, out of town for work, an owner who lives out of state or country – we will directly email you your tax bill,” he said. “For those who expect their mortgage company to handle their property tax payment, you can use eBill as a way to know when the property tax bill is out and can monitor your tax bill payment on our website to make sure the mortgage company pays it before any late charges will apply.”

View news release (PDF).

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