Lost or Stolen Plates

  • There is a $6.50 replacement fee

You cannot obtain new license plates at our HEB substations or at the City of Jonestown office.

Ordering Specialty Plates Online

Picking Up License Plates

Picking up your own plates? Bring:

  • Current proof of insurance
  • Valid photo ID
  • Payment for prorated registration fees

Sending a family member, relative, coworker, employee or neighbor to pick up plates for you? Bring:

Purchasing a plate for someone else's vehicle? Bring:

Plates may be transferred to passenger vehicles and trucks weighing one ton or less:

  • Between vehicles you own.
  • To a vehicle purchased from a dealer.
  • To a vehicle purchased from an individual.
  • To a leased vehicle.
  • From a vehicle titled jointly to a vehicle titled in your name alone if your name has not changed.

Always remove the registration sticker on your old vehicle when you take off the plates.

Can I keep my license plates when I sell my vehicle?

You can keep your license plates and transfer them to another vehicle that is in your name. Be sure to remove and destroy the registration sticker on the vehicle you are selling when you take off the plates. If you take your registration sticker and license plates off a vehicle that you've sold and are not coming in to an office with your buyer to transfer the title into their name, you will need to produce a Vehicle Transit Permit to give to your buyer.

I traded my car in to a dealer and the dealership took off the plates and sticker. Why?

Dealers are required to remove the plates and registration stickers from any vehicles they buy or take in trade. They usually offer to give you the plates. If you don't want to use the plates again, you may deface them with indelible black ink or some other method that would prevent someone else from using them. Some dealers will also dispose of the plates for you or you can drop them off at any of our locations to be defaced and recycled.

What do I do with my old license plates?

License plates are aluminum and can be recycled after they are defaced to make them unusable. You can bring your license plates to any tax office location and we will recycle them for you, or you can deface the front of the plates with a permanent marker and place them in your recycle bin.