Travis County Tax Office


  • Must be an individual (not a corporation or other business entity)
  • The home is your primary residence as of January 1 of any tax year
  • You have not claimed any other homestead
  • You live in a house, condominium or a mobile home on owned or leased land
  • Your land is 20 acres or less and for private, residential use
  • Property is not used for agricultural or a commercial business

Applying for general homestead property tax exemptions

The Travis Central Appraisal District grants homestead exemptions and assigns you the Owner ID and PIN you will need to apply on your Notice of Appraised Value. It is FREE to apply for the General Homestead Exemption. Visit the Travis Central Appraisal District website to complete the application online or use their forms database to download, print and mail your application.

To request your Owner ID and PIN, contact the Travis Central Appraisal District.

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