Travis County Tax Office

Does Travis County sell tax liens for back taxes?


The tax office does not sell tax liens. Texas law allows the public to purchase properties from the county at a monthly tax foreclosure sale. The states sells the deed to the property.

Note: The state does not sell tax lien certificates where a buyer becomes the lienholder for the back taxes.

Do I need to register in advance?


Yes. In order to participate in a tax sale, you will need to submit a Bidder Registration at least five days before the date of the tax sale. You will be asked to provide a list of the properties you own in Travis County so our office can verify that you do not owe delinquent taxes. The cost of the registration is $10 and it is good for one year.

How does a tax sale work?


A tax sale is an auction. The minimum bid advertised is the opening bid. Bidders can bid on the property in increments of $100. Property sells to the highest bidder.

Are there any additional costs other than amount of the winning bid?


The minimum bid consists of tax, penalties and interest, attorney fees and court fees for the years used to foreclose on the property. Other unpaid delinquent tax years not included in the minimum bid appear as "Additional Taxes Due" in the sales list

How does the winning bidder pay for the property?


Payment is due at the time of sale. Payment must be made in good funds. If a payment is dishonored, a deed will not be issued and the bidder will not be permitted to bid in future tax sales. The only acceptable methods of payment are:

  • United States currency
  • Cashier's check
  • Certified check
  • Electronic funds transfer

What happens if no one bids on the property?


“Struck off” properties are those not sold at the foreclosure auction. The county, acting as trustee for the government taxing entities, offers these properties for resale.

How can I find information about non-tax related foreclosure sales?


Foreclosure sales unrelated to delinquent taxes are available from the Travis County Clerk.

Where is the list of auctioned properties that sold for more than the taxes owed?


Property sales records available from the Travis County District Clerk.

The property owner also owed me money. How can I get the debt paid from the foreclosure sale?


If the property sold for more than the taxes owed, you can file a petition (This needs a hyperlink.)With the Travis County District Clerk. That information is available from the Travis County Attorney.

Can I visit foreclosed properties before the sale?


We understand prospective buyers want to visit the properties before the sale, but the tax office does not arrange or encourage these visits. We have no information about the state of the property, its tenants or any animals that may be present. If you choose to enter the property, you do so at your own risk. You may view pictures of the properties with structures in the sales list. We do not post pictures of raw land.

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