Travis County Tax Office

December 27, 2023

Property owners have until Dec. 31, 2023, to pay their property tax bills if they need a receipt for federal income tax purposes. The last day to pay property taxes without penalty and interest is Jan. 31, 2024.

Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Elfant encourages property owners to pay their property taxes online to avoid the risk of mail theft.

“The safest and most convenient way to pay is by eCheck for $1 at,” Elfant said. “It’s only a few cents more than a postage stamp. You'll receive immediate proof of payment and avoid any worry about your check being lost or stolen.”

For those who must mail a check, Elfant recommends delivering it inside the post office to a postal clerk and requesting a hand cancellation to ensure it's postmarked before the end of the year.

Travis County homeowners may notice a significantly lower tax bill this year thanks to the increased homestead exemption for school taxes approved by the Texas Legislature and voters. The average tax bill for property owners with a homestead exemption decreased by $658. Homeowners with a senior or disability exemption received even greater reductions, averaging $1,351.

Property owners who escrow their taxes through a mortgage company will have their taxes paid automatically and may not see these savings until their next annual escrow analysis. However, they can visit to view their 2023 tax bill and confirm if the mortgage company paid in full.

For more information or to pay your property taxes online, visit

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