Travis County Tax Office

Travis County’s Top 10 List of Delinquent Taxpayers

May 1, 2023

Real estate investor Nate Paul heads the Travis County Top Ten List of Delinquent Taxpayers, owing more than $1 million in taxes on two properties listed under WC East Avenue LLC, one under WC 5th and Waller LLC and three under 11530 Menchaca Road LLC.

The next highest delinquent taxpayer Encino Broadcasting LLC owes more than $200,000 for its broadcasting towers. The Federal Communications Commission website says Encino’s towers are used for AM radio stations KOKE, KELG and KTXZ.

Elfant personally reaches out to delinquent taxpayers, giving them the opportunity to pay in full or set up a payment plan. “I believe it is my duty to reach out to the top delinquent taxpayers to give them the opportunity to settle their bill,” he said. "So far, 17 delinquent property taxpayers paid in full for a total of more than $2.3 million and 10 entered into agreed payment plans totaling about $1.4 million.”

It would be unfair, Elfant said, to everyone who pays their tax bills to allow the top offenders to skate by. “Everyone has to pay their fair share of taxes and we owe it to the public to let them know who owes the most money and that we will take action to collect or seize and auction off their property.”

Most of the highest delinquent taxpayers own commercial properties.

When property owners do not respond to repeated attempts to contact them by sending letters and making phone calls, the tax office must forward the accounts to the county attorney who files lawsuits against the taxpayer to pay or see the property placed up for public or auction.

“The very last thing we want to do is take away property from their owners, and we offer them every opportunity to set up a payment plan, but they need to talk to us,” Elfant said.

The county and the 149 government entities it collects taxes for pays for emergency services, public schools, courts, law enforcement, parks, road maintenance and other city and county operations. When projected property tax revenue falls short, programs can be cut, or property taxes raised to make up the difference.

The tax office has collected more than 98% of the 2022 property taxes owed but needs to collect more than $116 million in outstanding 2022 debt from property owners.

Homeowners who were financially impacted by the pandemic may qualify for a federal program that can help pay delinquent taxes. Go to to find out what is required to receive financial relief.

The Top 10 Delinquent Property Owners:

Owner Address Total Due
Update: full payment 56 E. Ave 5/3/23. 0000 Lambie St. unpaid.
56 E. Ave
0000 Lambie St.
Update: full payment 56 E. Ave 5/3/2023. 0000 Lambie St. unpaid.
View receipt (PDF)
Update: full payment 8/2/2023
0000 Blake-Manor Rd. (2 accounts)
0000 Manor
11216 Sprinkle Cutoff Rd.
Update: full payment 8/8/2023
View receipts (PDF)
Update: full payment 1206 Luna St. 5/30/23; 5006 Gladeview Dr. 5/2/23; 5001 Lynnwood St. 8/2/23
5108 Valley Oak Dr.
1211 Deloney St.
1206 Luna St.
2024 Northridge Dr.
5001 Lynnwood St.
7601 Cameron Rd.
6104 Bull Creek Rd.
6106 Bull Creek Rd.
2404 White Horse Trl.
1201 Piedmont Ave.
7809 Woodrow Ave.
5006 Gladeview Dr.
1408 Greenwood Ave.
4512 Mount Vernon Dr., Unit 2
Update: full payment 1206 Luna St. 5/30/23; 5006 Gladeview Dr. 5/2/23
View receipts (PDF)
TSWG 130 LLC 0000 S. FM Rd. 973 (2 accounts)
6807 S. FM Rd. 973
0000 Linda Vista (27 accounts)
10501 Linda Vista
10507 Linda Vista
10802 Linda Vista
10900 Linda Vista
10902 Linda Vista
10706 Linda Vista
10506 B Linda Vista
10605 Linda Vista
10606 Linda Vista
10707 Linda Vista
10805 Linda Vista (2 accounts)
10809 Linda Vista
10901 Linda Vista
11001 Linda Vista
11000 Linda Vista
6603 Rowood Dr.
11114 McAngus Rd.
0000 McAngus Rd.
Update: full payment 5/3/2023
501 Waller St.
Update: full payment 5/3/2023
View receipt (PDF)
Update: full payment 5/31/2023
4422 Supply Crt.
Update: full payment 5/31/2023
View receipt (PDF)
Update: full payment 5/3/2023
11530 Menchaca Rd. (3 accounts)
Update: full payment 5/3/2023
View receipt (PDF)
View receipt (PDF)
View receipt (PDF)
Update: full payment 5/10/2023
2620 W. Anderson Ln.
Update: full payment 5/10/2023
View receipt (PDF)
Update: full payment 5/11/2023
0000 Cow Creek Rd. (3 accounts)
Update: full payment 5/11/2023
View receipt (PDF)
View receipt (PDF)
View receipt (PDF)
Update: full payment 7/12/2023
98 San Jacinto Blvd., Unit 2104
Update: full payment 7/12/2023
View receipt (PDF)

NOTE: Property owners of commercial buildings may have tenants who are unaware of the delinquent tax bill. This list may change as owners come forward to make payments. This list will be updated as payments are collected. 

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