Travis County Tax Office

Pandemic-related federal program may provide relief for Travis County homeowners with delinquent taxes

March 2, 2022

Homeowners financially impacted by the pandemic and unable to pay their property taxes may qualify for a federal program that can help pay delinquent taxes.

“Right now, we are mailing out more than 32,000 delinquent property tax notices and many of those bills belong to homeowners,” said Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Elfant. “I encourage any homeowner who can to seek relief from the Homeowners Assistance Fund to do so.”

The federal program is being administered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Visit the agency website,, to find out what is required to qualify for financial relief.

“If you qualify for the program, the assistance fund will send a check for your delinquent taxes directly to the tax office,” Elfant said.

The fund also pays for other overdue home-related bills, including insurance, homeowner’s association or condominium fees, and cooperative maintenance. It also may pay off liens placed on the property that resulted from COVID-19 hardship.

“The importance of this fund is to help homeowners who qualify to avoid losing their homes due to the strain placed on their budgets by the pandemic,” Elfant said.

Elfant reminds homeowners if they do not qualify for the assistance fund, they have the option of setting up a payment plan for delinquent taxes with the tax office. More information on payment plans is available at the tax office website,

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