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Governor extends online vehicle registration renewal date

December 1, 2020

Gov. Greg Abbott is giving vehicle owners up to nine months past their vehicle registration expiration date to renew their vehicle registration online at

The governor’s order telling law enforcement not to ticket those with an expired registration still stands. However, be aware Abbott did not provide a waiver on sticker expiration dates. For instance, drivers with a June 2020 expiration date who renew this month will receive a new sticker that expires in June 2021.

“Being able to drive your vehicle past the sticker expiration date does not save you money,” said Bruce Elfant, the Travis County tax assessor-collector. “If you are driving with an overdue sticker, please get your inspection and renew your vehicle registration at”

The online renewal system generates a receipt to carry in the vehicle until the new registration sticker arrives. The receipt is good for a month and serves as proof of registration.

When the governor lifts the waiver, those with expired registration stickers must make their vehicle registration current within 60 days. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles reports that Travis County currently has more than 300,000 vehicles with expired registration sticker.

“Since it’s unlikely we would be able to process the large backlog of registration renewals within the 60-day renewal period at the tax office, we strongly encourage vehicle owners to consider choosing an alternative method for registration renewal,” Elfant said.

Other ways to renew vehicle registration include going to H-E-B or Fiesta Mart grocery stores, Travis County AAA stores, Oak Hill Title Company, and Fry’s Title Service.

Those with registration expired by more than nine-months, need to make a tax office appointment at Be aware it can take more than 60 days to find an open appointment slot and no one is admitted into the tax office without a mask.

“Renewing online is the safest and easiest way to update your vehicle registration,” Elfant said. “However, once you have passed vehicle inspection, it is best to wait 48 to 72 hours before trying to renew online as the state motor vehicle database is not updated in real time.”

Elfant added he understands some people are worried about allowing inspectors into their vehicle, which is part of the inspection process. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration issued Covid-19 safety measures for auto shop employees recommending workers wear masks and disinfect keys, key fobs, steering wheels, vehicle controls and other commonly touched areas.

Go to for information on the tax office’s pandemic procedures and frequently asked questions.

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