Travis County Tax Office

Vehicle registration renewal, by phone

(512) 854-9473

You will need:

  • Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or license plate number
  • Proof of insurance that meets Texas minimums (You may need to email or fax a copy of your card)
  • Credit or debit card that matches the name on the motor vehicle record
  • $3 flat fee for a renewal $100 or less or an additional 3% on the amount owed for registrations above $100 to use a credit or debit card. (This money pays for card fees and the vendor that processes card payments for the tax office.) There is a $1 discount to renew online.

We will electronically check your inspection, emissions and insurance status. Be aware some inspection stations send their inspection reports in the late evening, which is why we advise you to wait until the day after your inspection and emissions testing to renew by phone. If for some reason your inspection and emissions test is missing in the record, we will ask you to email or fax us the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR).

Don't forget: There is a $1 discount to renew online and no additional card fees. Online renewals also receive a Texas Department of Motor Vehicles emailed notification that serves as proof of registration for up to 31 days until your sticker arrives.

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