Travis County Tax Office

Last day to pay property taxes Friday, Jan. 31

You must pay your property taxes by no later than 11:59 p.m., Friday, Jan. 31, to avoid penalty and interest charges.

The fast and safe way to pay is by eCheck at The eCheck payment system automatically emails you a paid receipt for your records. Besides eCheck, you can pay online with a credit card or PayPal. eCheck costs $1 while using a credit card or PayPal adds a 3% charge to your total.

State law holds you responsible for on-time payment. Bruce Elfant, the county tax assessorcollector, cautions Travis County property owners not to wait to the last day to pay.

"If you choose to call or come in person you will have a very long wait, and if you are paying online, our payment processing system becomes slower to respond due to the high volume of traffic on deadline day," Elfant said. “No one looks forward to having to pay their property tax bill, but we all have to do it so why not get it out of the way by paying today using our quick and easy online method?"

Elfant warns property owners not to mail in their property tax payment on Jan. 31 to protect against penalty and interest charges.

“If the U.S. Postal Service gives a next-day postmark on your envelope, state law requires us to charge you penalty and interest for being late,” Elfant said. The tax office does not automatically send receipts for mailed payments, but does provide them for online transactions.

Property owners who cannot pay in full and want to set up a payment plan can review their payment options and apply online at the tax office website. Owners with a senior, disabled or disabled veteran homestead exemption can sign up to pay taxes in four installments without penalty and interest charges.

If you are one of the county’s 149,000 property owners who escrow through a mortgage company or lending institution, your mortgage company most likely requested the bill in order to pay your taxes, but we suggest you check with the mortgage company to be sure.

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