Travis County Tax Office

Travis County needs to collect $83.5 million in unpaid tax bills

Travis County needs to collect $83.5 million from more than 27,000 property owners with unpaid taxes.
These owners became delinquent on their tax bill Feb. 1 and are accruing penalty and interest on their bill at a rate of seven percent. State law requires counties to assess penalty and interest on unpaid tax bills.

The Travis County Tax Office notified delinquent taxpayers their tax bill payment is overdue. Penalty and interest increases the longer the bill is unpaid. It begins at seven percent and increases each month, eventually reaching 18 percent by the sixth month of delinquency. A property owner who goes an entire year without paying their tax bill is assessed penalty and interest at 24 percent.

“If you are struggling to pay your tax bill, please let us help you,” said Bruce Elfant, the Travis County tax assessor-collector. “The law that assesses penalty and interest also allows you to set up a payment plan and we are happy to help you do that.”

Elfant said he does not want to see anyone lose their home or business because they cannot afford to pay their property tax bill all at once.

Delinquent taxpayers can avoid a costly foreclosure lawsuit by entering into a written agreement to pay their tax bill in monthly installments.

Delinquent taxpayers can apply for a payment agreement online at

View news release (PDF).

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