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Travis County scrubs voter registration roll, removes thousands of voter registrations

Travis County scrubbed its voter registration rolls this week, removing more than 35,000 voter registrations and dropping its historic voter registration percentage from more than 92 percent to 88 percent of the eligible voters in the county.

“The goal is to maintain as accurate of voter registration roll as possible,” said Bruce Elfant, the Travis County voter registrar. “I am confident that our volunteer deputy voter registrars will bring our roll back up to 90 percent or more as they actively reach out and sign up new voters in the county.”

Federal and state laws govern the process for removing voter registration records and voter database maintenance. Generally, registrants removed from the active voter roll have not updated their address nor voted in two consecutive general elections and the U.S. Postal Service returned their voter card or other correspondence as undeliverable. The people who do not respond most likely moved out of the county or state, died or moved within the county and did not register at their new address, which the law requires. Go to Defining the Integrity of Voter Registration Records for a detailed explanation of voter database maintenance.

The 2016 List of Canceled Voters is also available to view online. Eligible voters removed from the voter registration roll may still vote by completing and submitting a new voter registration application, providing they are living in Travis County and they meet the voter registration deadline for the next election. A voter registration application is available at

View news release (PDF).


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